Artist’s statement

I have been making pottery in Nelson for around thirty years, coming here after studying for a Diploma in Fine Arts at Otago Polytechnic and completing a one year course in ceramics after that.My main focus over the years has been working on the wheel and refining my skills in this area.

Recently I have been working in porcelain, making fine, simple forms with a minimum of decoration using slip trailing and celadon glazes. Porcelain’s translucency is an added bonus, but it is a very demanding clay and leaves little room for error. This is great as it challenges you and keeps you focused on the end result.

The challenge of throwing a large piece of clay is something I have always loved and is an area I hope to work more in. Large pieces have their own demands, form becomes very important, as do your skills as a potter.
There are so many challenges when working with clay, just picking a small part is enough to keep you engaged for a life time.

I create a diverse range of work in clay in my studio, located in Mariri on the Coastal Highway heading towards Motueka from Nelson.

You will discover a range of mugs in porcelain and stoneware, some beautiful black and white carved porcelain bowls and a range of tall vases thrown and hand built to showcase flowers for the home.

I am currently working on larger hand built birdbaths for the outdoors.